SUDPLAN 3D now available for public tests

SUDPLAN Newsletter 2 (February 2012): Advanced 3D visualization is an important part of SUDPLAN development. A short introduction is given in the Newsletter and a demo has been facilitated. The demo allows you to visualize and analyze data sets from Stockholm.

SUDPLAN's 3D visualisation component is now available via Java Web Start. The SUDPLAN 3D visualisation component is one challenging part of SUDPLAN's Scenario Management System (SMS). It handles the visualisation of SUDPLAN data/results in a geographical three-dimensional context. Using the World Wind SDK it integrates GIS, visualisation and simulation results. The datatypes supported by the SUDPLAN 3D Component range from 1D data, e.g. georeferenced measurements of precipitation, to temporal 3D datasets, e.g. 3D air pollution time series.

A stable demo release can be found via the link on the right hand side. The demo already contains some test datasets for the pilot city of Stockholm.

SUDPLAN Newsletter 2: 3D demo
Visualisation of georeferenced air quality simulation results for the city of Stockholm using the SUDPLAN 3D component.